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Toubkal Trek
Valleys and summit
Best period: from June till the end of October

Duration: 8 days with 6 days walking 
(Approximately 35 hours of walking, 60 miles traveled)

Day 1: Arrival in Marrakech 
Pickup from the airport. Transfer to the hotel in Marrakech. Dinner. Overnight stay.

Day 2: Asni Marrakech-Imioughlad - Pass Tacht - Tiziana - camp
Wake up around 6:30. Breakfast at the hotel around 7:00, departure by minibus (6/ 8/10/ 13/ 15 seats depending on the number of people) at around 8:00. We leave in total autonomy, carrying the necessary supplies for the duration the trek: vegetables, groceries, bread, meat, etc. A paved road leads to Asni, then we take a less maintained road until the village of Imioughlad (1400m) where we meet our muleteers and the cook;a short break to prepare, especially do not forget to put sunscreen and fill your water bottle (it is possible to buy mineral water on site) because during the first two hours there is no possibility of finding water. Crossing the village of Imioughlad, then the path climbs gently to the neck of Tacht (2000m), at the first stop you can enjoy a superb view over the village. The trail passes through a forest of juniper and red oaks, and leads us to the pass. Panoramic view from the saddle of the mountains south of the region: Tigouga, Taroudant, north of the mountain Angour towards Oukaimden. After a short break, we go down to a source to get the water supply for drinking and cooking. Mules join us at this point: the team is complete.
Lunch menu, complete salad made of onions, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, tuna, sardines, cheese, a dessert of seasonal fruit: apples, oranges, melons, pomegranates, watermelons, and the excellent tea mint to quench their thirst. The lunch break lasts two hours and then in one hour descent we reach the village of Tiziane in a valley with many earth colors, which highlight its small villages. Accomodation in a camp.
Duration: 4:30 hours walking / total ascent of 600m and 300m negative.

Day 3: Tiziana - Téouti Pass (2400m) - camp Azib n Tizgui (2250m)
A great step ahead, with a height difference as large as that of yesterday, the landscape is even more beautiful. Sunrise at 6 am, breakfast is served in the sun or under the tent if the weather is not fine (which is rare). Depending on your courage, our carriers are responsible for dismantling the tents or help you to do. We begin to climb in the shade of giant nut trees, then the sun will warm us before arrival at the neck. At the fold of Tiziane we can get water  (it is always preferable to purify water taken from the sources or rivers, it is likely to disrupt the digestive system unaccustomed to the water source). We cross a forest Cade, we reach the pass Teouti (2400m). We find the forest of Assaka down the hill where we take lunch. It is, as often, the water that determines the lunch stops in the valleys with flowing springs and streams. We climb a few meters to Tizgui, a unique village with its mills and its relative importance, so far from civilization, where we spend our second night in a camp. Since this picturesque village, a rise of two hours brings us to the fold of Tizgui. In this step, water is abundant enough to allow washing (Attention: Be careful not to use soap in the water because local people drink from the source).
Duration: 6 hours of walking / Elevation 800m positive and negative 400m

Day 4: Azib nTizgui - Tougdalt Pass (2700m) - No Azib Tamsoult (250m)
This step takes place in the most beautiful and wild landscapes of Toubkal. Wake up at 6am, breakfast around 7am and 7:30 departure, under a sun still tentative because we are in a ravine at the foot of a peak of more than 3 600m. Until plateau Tazaghart, 1:30 climb by an easy path. Here is the domain of shephards, we encounter Berber flocks and shepherds. Since the collar of Tougdalt, it has a panoramic view of the surrounding peaks. Long descent (about two hours) by a forest of Cade, lunch in the shade of huge old walnut trees along the river in Azaden: we are in the most beautiful valley of Toubkal - landscapes to enjoy taking the meals and recovering from the fatigue of walking the afternoon, we continue with two hours up to the point of camping to Azib Tamsoult n (2 250 m).
Duration: 6 M / Elevation 600m positive and 900m negative 

Day 5: Azib Tamsoult (2250m) - Col d'Aguelzim (3400m)
Good day setting leg before the ascent of Toubkal. We climb very gradually, through magnificent scenery and wildlife in the direction of the neck of Tzikkert then bifurcate Lépiney refuge in a small valley (Toumllilte). We see the refuge from far during our climb to the source. You can take our lunch there, but, rather, we continue the climb and eat at 14:00, at the end of the stage. As we rise, we see at every turn the multitude of corners covered, in the valley, which gives an idea of the gradient. But the escalation of the rise we can achieve the carefree Aguelzim Pass (3450m). The rest area allows us to admire the views of the Toubkal which we saw the "Iron Triangle" (the summit of Toubkal). Long descent towards the refuge of Toubkal, magnificent view of the mountain during the descent. On arrival mint tea, then lunch and camp (3 200 m).This step may require crampons (snow in April, May, June, often persists. The mules, however, are obliged to make a long detour of ten hours through the neck of Mezzik of Tzikkert. You can bring with you or rent on site for 2 € per day). Before your arrival to Morocco, we'll let you know about weather conditions in Toubkal.
Duration: 6 H 30 / Elevation 1 200m positive and 300m negative
Day 6: Base Camp - Ascent of Toubkal Summit - Back to Base Camp - descent to Imlil (1750m) - overnight at the inhabitant
We leave around 6am, without dismantling the tents this morning, our carriers will do so later. Wake up at 4:30, breakfast at 5H and departure at the earliest, to avoid walking in the sun. Depending on the period and the status of the mountain, we climb in the snow with crampons on trail or clear steep, but without any special technical difficulty. He is walking on rocky path, with two or three stops planned for drink and snack (cereal, dried fruits ...). Three hours on average can reach the summit. Upstairs, the efforts are rewarded by the satisfaction of having done a 4 167m, and the views of the Atlas chain and the valleys around you savor this moment which will remain a memory! The descent is via another path (Ikhibi), we perceive the traces of an airplane accident two decades ago. Back at base camp, lunch, then continue towards Imlil long, with large villages. We will not pay no attention to the famous marabout Sidi Chemharouch, a saint known and revered for treating diseases. Many people come to visit, especially women, because it is deemed to cure nervous diseases of women. Steep descent to Aremd, then arrived in Imlil. Overnight in a guesthouse.
Length: 7:30 / Elevation 1 000m positive and 2500m negative

Day 7: 2 options: either go down to Marrakech after breakfast or go hiking and reach Marrakech in the evening.
In the first case, we start at 8:30 in Imlil, and arrive to Marrakech 1H 30. Free day in Marrakech, where many visits and strolls are possible (walk through the medina, in a carriage tour, admire the famous Koutoubia mosque, Place Jemaa El Fna, etc ...) • If you prefer to spend this last day in nature, we continue the ride without the mules this time the luggage remain in Imlil. We take a mule to pass Tamatert (2 300 m) - 2 H climb - and then descend in about an hour in the beautiful valley Imenane. We pass through the villages of Tineghrine, and then Ikkis Amsakrou to reach the valley of Ait Misan and reach the village of Aguersioual (1 600 m), where we lunched. This tour lasts 5 H without any difficulty and can discover another beautiful valley, others charming Berber villages ... The meal will Aguersioual in early or late afternoon the next time we will. On Aguersioual, we arrive Imlil (2 miles) by car, we retrieve the luggage, then back to Marrakech by minibus or taxi. Installing Hotel (middle class, or surcharge, superior), and free visit of the famous 'red city' souks of the medina, gardens, Jemaa el Fna.

Day 8: following your departure time, you can make one last stroll through the city
We take whatever your schedule, your transfer by taxi or minibus from the hotel. We wish you a safe journey home and pleasure to welcome you again for another ride or stay in our country.