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When magical spirit meets elegance

The made in Morocco at the level of major events.

Choose one of the most private experiences for your Gala dinners in the heart of Marrakech's palm grove.
Imagine dining under a starry sky, surrounded by the beauty of the palm trees, and the scents of traditional Moroccan dishes.

A magical world of the Orient

Palmeraie Event

Arrival at the campsite

  • The path, decorated with red carpets, lined with torches on both sides.
  • A guard of honor made up of 20 blue men { touareg } welcomes the participants.
  • The guard of honor continues with folk troops: a Zayane troop (men and women - 12 people) from the Middle Atlas (tams-tams and percussions) + dance Dekka, a Marrakech troop, with metal cymbals, castanets and 1 trumpet (10 people) + singing (only by men) the Ahouach troop from Ouarzazate. And finally, the Kaala Mgouna troop (5 men + 5 women): dance performance from the Dades Valley
  • The lighting is only traditional (torches, fire, candles); the palmeraie is not yet illuminated.

Welcome cocktail

  • All the troops head towards the stage.
  • The music stops, silence then the palm grove is illuminated and the magic of the site is revealed.
  • Resumption of the musical atmosphere.
  • The musicians are all gathered around the stage and play in turn during the cocktail.
  • The cocktail is offered at the designated stations: 60-minute open bar with champagne + wine, beer, spirits (except for old age), soft drinks, and dry snacks.
During the welcoming cocktail

  • Workshops are set up around the campsite allowing participants to discover Moroccan culture.
  • Presence of 2 fire breathers, 4 henna tattoo artists, 3 calligraphers, 5 camels, stand for freshly squeezed orange juice, stand for dried fruits.
  • Optional fortune tellers.

  • Burnous Workshop: offering each participant the opportunity to come and collect a burnous for the evening (if it takes place in winter).
  • Presence of a Berber tent photocall, installation of poufs, low table, wrought iron screen decorated with organza, retro-illuminated jars + water pipes with Berber photocall signage.
  • Speech by CEO/Managing Director followed by awards ceremony - 15 minutes with commercial directors, 2 handheld microphones + 1 cameraman for the making of.
  • Winners are called one by one, percussion music playing as they arrive, and fresh flower bracelets are given instead of bouquets (3 colors of rose: 1 for 10 years, 1 for 20 years and 1 for 30 years).
  • Then the CEO/Managing Director takes the microphone and invites participants to join the tables.
Table setting

  • Lounge background music.
  • Reserved tables.
  • Menus on parchment with raffia, cinnamon sticks, and star anise (in English only if participants are from abroad).
  • Fabric bracelets indicate each person's dietary requirements (the servers are briefed on the corresponding colors).
  • Moroccan soup service: the servers stand in front of the tables and present the tureens (1 per table) and then place them on the tables and serve.
  • Return of 2 folk groups during the soup clearing with close-up performances.

  • Silver platter service for the roasted meat dish in the same manner as the soup, presentation of the dish and service.
  • Return to lounge music during the main course tasting.
  • Two folk groups perform again during the clearing of the main course, then the vegetable couscous is served.
  • Another folk performance during the clearing.
  • Then, tea is served (coffee only upon request) with Moroccan pastries.
Launch of the dance party

  • To be determined based on budget (fantasia, etc.)
  • Screening of the making-of video
  • Then the canvas on which the video was shown catches fire, revealing the company name in flaming letters, and the DJ starts the party (Western music only)
  • Opening of the open bar (2-hour open bar)
  • Shuttle system for the return trip
  • End of the evening at 2:00 a.m.

  • Opening of the open bar (2-hour open bar)
  • Shuttle system for the return trip
  • End of the evening at 2:00 a.m.